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Holistic Core Restore ® Athlete 12. Is 12 weeks of upping your game,upping the intensity, upping the effort and ultimately, 12 weeks of getting FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER and being able to go for LONGER , whilst protecting your pelvic floor.

Athlete 12 home workouts, which are approximately 20 minutes in duration and progressed, sit along side Ealing Fit Club Monthly timetable or our on demand drive.

In the programmes you will also be guided through an additional workout by programme creator Jenny Burrell, so you actually have the benefit of two Coaches.

The programme will start with SET UP, where we help you get prepared for the coming 12 weeks including taking your Fitness Test and logging your start point. 


Every single week, the workout is progressed so that you get FITTER, FASTER AND STRONGER.  You’ll do another fitness test at half way to help you see your progress.  And 100% you will have progressed.  Then we keep going until you hit your grand finale, your final fitness test at week 12 and GRADUATION DAY!  Take a look at the feedback below for this course!  It’s OUTSTANDING and IT WORKS!

And of course, we would be remiss to not include a RESULTS GUARANTEED Clean Eating, SIMPLE foor plan.    It’s truly NO FUSS, REAL FOOD NUTRITION that will deliver you great big results .

If you feel like it’s time for you to reawaken the athlete in you….THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU!

PS You can follow this programme 100% virtually and DO NOT have to be a Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Graduate to attend.  If it’s suitable for your Pelvic Health Status, after our usual pre-screening….you’ll be ‘good to go’!!


Once you’ve been screened and it’s agreed that the programme is the right fit for you, you’ll enter the world of Holistic Core Restore® whereby Ealing Fit Club will take you through the setup and fitness testing for Athlete 12 so you have a clear benchmark to refer back to as you progress.  The kit used is totally inexpensive and we provide you a list of items to have ready before your start date.  You’ll have a login to the Holistic Core Restore® ONLINE PORTAL and every week, a new, progressed workout with Jenny Burrell will appear ready for you to complete alongside an additional workout, nutrition guidance and encouragement from Ealing Fit Club within a closed support group.  

Overall, together we keep you safe, focused and progressing because – THAT’S HOW YOU GET RESULTS!!

Also, as an additional bonus, you retain access to the ONLINE PORTAL……FOREVER!!!


Truly, Athlete 12 is a gift that just keeps on giving!

What you need to do to join Athlete 12

You may already have some of this kit, but this is our kit list

2 plastic cups

1 massage ball

Timer - download GYM BOSS APP


Mini band 

Tube band

Tube with no handles 

Pilates Ball 

Resistance band 

What happens when decided you join us

Step 1


You will complete the following screening form

Step 2

When we have screened your form and given you the go ahead, to continue and pay for your course

Step 3

Access the programme

We will sign you up via email.  You will need to email us your email address to

You will receive two emails, one with a user name and password to access the workouts and the second email will be your week one email which provides your with the information you need for week one. After that you will get a weekly workout

Step 4


Food Plans

We provide you with a 30 day clean eating plan.

To express your interest in signing up for Althlete 12 click here

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