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Benefits of Joining Ealing Fit Club

Ealing Fit Club is a small community of women who meet online and in person and get fit!

We offer women the chance to join our FREE run club or our paid online and in persons classes.

The benefits of joining Ealing Fit Club include the following:

1. Group support: Ealing Fit Club offers a supportive and encouraging environment with like-minded individuals coming together to learn, motivate, and progress in their fitness journey.

2. Access to special events: Regular challenges and members’ nights bring our membership together. The Fit Club offers various events to help its members reach their goals and make the most out of their fitness experience.

3. Access to professionals: Ealing Fit Club brings together professionals in fitness, diet, nutrition and more to help guide members in the right direction.

4. Social interaction: As a member of Ealing Fit Club, you will have the chance to meet and socialize with other members and the trainers, encouraging you to stay motivated to reach your goals.

You can find out more about joining by dropping us a message at


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