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 A pack or 2 Resistance Bands


Long Skin-Friendly Latex Elastic Fitness Bands or Home Workout, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilate



REINFORCED THICKNESS --- FITA upgraded exercise bands have reinforced thickness to strengthen the elasticity, durable with 3 times tensile force, not easy to break, suitable for high-strength stretching training, give muscles full stimulation, professional fitness band give you a perfect body. (150cm*15cm*0.5mm/20-25lbs)

SKIN-FRIENDLY MATERIAL --- Our resistance bands are made of 100% eco-friendly natural latex, skin-friendly, odorless, soft, non-slip. Great exercises for sports athletes, seniors, physical therapy, rehabilitation, wrestling, bodybuilding, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, crossfit,etc. You can exercise at home, gym, outdoor and other occasions.


FULL BODY EXERCISE --- Its mechanical characteristics and continuous stimulation can effectively stretch and exercise the whole body muscles (biceps training, pectoral muscle, waist, legs, arm, back and hips), effectively improve physical activity, shape the perfect body curve.


HIGH-STRENGTH ELASTICITY --- Adjustable strength with large friction force, effective anti-slip, can be recovered quickly. The strength can be adjusted according to your needs. Men recommend stacking two tension bands to use when you need more stronger tensile strength.


TIPS WHEN USING --- 1. Folding it or stacking two or three elastic bands to use will get different tensile strength; 2. Do not stretch it more than 3 times the length, otherwise the band tape may break; 3. When using, prevent sharp objects from cutting the band tape, such as nails, which will make the band tape easy to break.

Resistance Band x2

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