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Boxercise HIIT

Boxercise HIIT is our non contact online shadow boxing offering.

We use Boxercise TM moves to a funky high engery hiit track and combine them with cardio and core exerciess!


You can wear boxing gloves or use hand weight or tins to add resistance in your workouts. As its an aeoriobic workout you will be left very sweaty!

  • Shadowboxing will challenge your speed and power.

  • It will BOOST your heart rate and increase fat loss.

  • You will be able to do more punches without the resistance of the pads slowing you down

  • You can go faster for longer.

We offer a Boxercise introduction session ( included in our plans) if you havent boxed before before, this is so we can run through the punches  and moves with you and prepare you for the class, so that you know what you are doing in the class. 

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