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Group Exercise Classes - Live on Zoom or Inperson

We offer a variety of group fitness classes. Here is some more information about them


​Classes on Zoom


Zoom Fitness classes are held and live taught every day, Monday to Saturday.  There are early am classes and evening sessions suitable for all levels of fitness.  Our classes are fully LIVE taught this means and we do not take more than 10 clients per class in order to enable us to see, speak and interact with clients in the sessions


How do zoom classes work?


Each of our instructors have their own zoom link which we provide to clients in our customer chat group.

Each day, we ask clients to book into our classes with our booking system as you would with a gym. We ask all clients to log in to the zoom link ready to start the class.

Because we live teach, we need to see clients so all clients are asked to have their camera on and positioned so we can see all of them.

What happens in a typical zoom class

We always start with a warm and then in some classes we run through the exercises for the sessions and demo each one.


When we start the workout we always the first few reps of each exercise and then once you have started we stop and  we monitor your progress and give personalised feedback to our zoom clients throughout the class.  Because this is NOT our workout, this is your workout… we are not teaching you properly if we are joining in and not giving you personalised feedback and teaching points!


Our zoom sessions offer the same quality teaching and interaction you would have attending a gym class or a community based class but from the comfort of your home and with commute, the costs and child care needs.

In person sessions


Our current in person classes run on Thursday at 1pm and Fridays at 9.30am and are both located in Northfields W13. Just off Northfields Avenue with street parking available

The maximum per class is 10 people again to make teaching personalised.


We offer:

Weights for women on Thursdays and HIIT training on Fridays. Both class welcome beginners.

Find out more about all our classes below

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