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RT24 a Bad Rep is a No Rep.

RT24 was designed the classes so that they meet specific training goals:

  • burn fat,

  • increase muscle mass,

  • improve movement patterns, and

  • strengthen cardio vascular fitness.


This is achieved by creating a flexible class which combines two different styles of training. RT24 programmes use a resistance that is unique and specific to the users training age and capabilities whether this be Body Weight, light resistance or heavy resistance loads.  The volume of training in an RT24 class is high, and when you combine high volume resistance training along with the principles of HIIT training you can start to see how RT24 is built for achieving its results.

Each class is designed to be no longer than 24 minutes but within this time frame you will be expected to perform to your maximum effort.

We offer both Body Weight and Resistance Versions of RT24

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