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OnDemand Classes

Our OnDemand drive provides our users with 3 new workouts each week giving them 18 workouts to access over 6 weeks.


The 'Drive 'worksouts' are especially created and recorded for the drive and they are not recordings of our Zoom classes

We include our signature Core Blast and Bandz classes int he drive and also provide users with Fat Burn, Personal Training, and Resistance workouts.

The 'Drive' is an amazing service from us that allows you add pre recoreded classes to your schedule. We create our workouts with our subscribers in mind so that you are safe and tailored for which is why they are different from youtube videos!

You access the drive via a google drive link.  Whilst you pay for 6 week you always get a week extra to roll over!

Here are some Benefits of our OnDemand Service

1. You choose when you workout 

2. You can do it anywhere, at home, at work on staycation

3. You choose what workout you do based on your goals


4. Expanding your fitness by trying the variety of choice under your own time

5. You will never be late for class again

If you are interested in joining our OnDemand drive send us a chat message and we will arrange a zoom to talk toy through this!



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