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We offer 12 minute Advanced Fatburns and 20 - 30 minute Body Weight and Resitance Fat Burns

These sessions are circuit style non choreographed, high intensity training sessions.

Here are some benfits of HIIT Training;

Full body workout that will challenge every muscle group

Non choreographed - its not a dance class!

Bodyweight and weights based workouts - no gym required

Metabolism boosting - Burn more calories

HIIT builds many muscle groups making you stronger and able to burn fat better

It will improve your oxygen and blood flow 

It will help lower blood pressure and blood sugar

Designed to get you working at your maximum capacity for a short period of time.

What you put in during each workout is what you get back out!

Over a few short weeks you will see you self getting , stronger, fitter and leaner. These classes are an excellent exercise companion for runners, anyone training for a event or anyone who just wants to get fit!

We are open to any age group from 18+ but if you have any injuries, or you are pre or postnatal (within 12 months) please contact us before booking.

Our sessions run Monday - Saturday on ZOOM at a variety of times. 

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