100 running tips - Part 1

This is our new series of blog posts over the course of the next couple of week we are going to be sharing with you 100 Running Tips!

Each week for the next 10 weeks we will share 10 tips to get your running and make you a better runner.

1. Find someone to run with.

Find a partner who is as committed as you when it comes to running. With that, it can

keep your motivation in running at a good level. Aside from that, when you have a friend

who is expecting you to run with him on a regular basis, then you will find it harder to

skip it.

2. Avoid comparing yourself to others.

When you begin running, there may be a tendency for you to compare yourself to

others. This is not good, since it can take you away from your own goals. Thus, it is best

to always remember that you are running for yourself. When you do that, you will be

able to establish your own pacing, and prevent pushing yourself too hard.

3. Determine your goals in running.