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100 Running Tips Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our running tips series! Today we have some super tips for you.

1. What to do with body pains.

Once you arrive back at your place, after a hard running day, you may begin to feel

body aches or pains. To counter it, one of the best remedies is to apply hot and cold

compress on the affected areas alternately. If that would not give you the relief you are

looking for, you can always purchase a mild pain reliever for it, and pair it with a day or

two of rest.

2. Cutting down your training.

Cutting down the rate of your training is a good idea, especially if you do it on the fourth

or fifth week. This is because, that is usually the time when your body would require

some time to recover. To make it simpler, just cut down as much as 30 percent of your

entire running activities for the said weeks.

3. Paying attention to your running form.

At the start, you should run as lightly as possible, so that you would be able to pay

attention to your running form. Becoming more conscious on your running form would

actually help you prevent injuries. Aside from that, it can also ensure good balance, and

properly targeting the muscle groups you want to develop. If you want to work on your form our Fit to Run Programme is an ideal programme for lady runners.

4. Trail running can be fun.

When you do trail running, you would make it a more fun activity, since it can offer you

with a lot of different things to see and hear. To make it more fun, you should have

friends do it with you. However, make sure that you bring your bug or mosquito spray

when you do so, so that you can prevent getting bitten by them.

5. Cut your toenails short enough prior to running.

Whenever you are running, you don’t want to have your toenails jamming your shoes,

since it can become quite uncomfortable. Thus, you should cut it at desirable lengths,

just a day or two before running. By doing this, you would become more at ease with

your shoes, which is important to prevent accidents and injuries.

6. What to do on long runs.

There are lots of things that you need to do prior to doing long runs. One of which is to

apply Vaseline between your toes, since it can prevent blisters. Aside from that, you

should also bring enough amounts of water, and make sure that you have a good

night’s rest.

7 Avoid running on paths that are slanted.

You need to be extra careful, when you are running on slanted paths. This is because,

such types of paths can put too much pressure on your hips and knees. Thus,

whenever you have a choice, avoid running on slanted paths, and prefer those that are


8. Stretching before running.

Stretching is actually different from warming up. When it comes to running though, it is

not a good practice to do some stretching prior to it. What you should do instead, is to

properly warm up for it. This can be done by walking on a faster pace, or through

jogging slowly for a number of minutes. Never stretch cold muscles!

9. Avoid the hot tub after a race.

After the race, it is quite normal to feel very exhausted, especially if it covers a very long

distance. If you have a hot tub though, you should know that it is not a good place to

relax after racing. The reason for this is that, staying in a hot tub after a race can

actually increase inflammation, and it can also stop healing.

10. The race is not the day to try new things.

Wearing brand new clothing, eating new types of foods, and trying out a new pair of

shoes, are things that you can definitely do anytime, as long as it is not done during the

race day. Trying out new food items on the day of the race can get you out of condition.

Aside from that, if you are going to wear something new, it might be too late to realize

that it is not comfortable.

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