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100 Running Tips Part 5

Here is part 5 of 100 tips for runners. We hope you are enjoying this series! Many of our members run! So we know its a subject that people find useful! We have some great tips again for yout this week.

1. When it rains.

Raining on a race day is actually very possible. Thus, it is best to come prepared, by

watching your weather station for it. If bad weather is likely to happen, then you should

bring a plastic garbage with you. Such type of plastic bags are actually good to use as

disposable raincoats.

2. Practicing near at home.

If you are in the process of selecting places to train yourself for the race, then it is best if

you can pick a routine, which is close to your home. This way, you won’t have to spend

some time to get to another place just to train. With its convenience, you can have more

chances of being able to stick with it.

3. Safety on the road.

If you are running on a road, where lots of vehicles pass by, then it may not be a good

idea to listen to music while doing it. The reason for that is, music can actually prevent

you from hearing bikes or vehicles approaching from your back. Thus, always pay

attention, and always run on the right side of the road to be safe.

4. Starting slow.

If it is your first time to do some exercises for quite some time, then running should be

done on a slower pacing first. This is to make sure that you won’t put too much pressure

on your body. Once you get accustomed to the activities that you are doing though, you

can progress to something more challenging.

5. Double knot your shoelaces.

Double knotting your shoelaces just before you start running is a good safety measure.

This is because, when shoelaces come undone while you are running, it can put you at

risk to injuries. Thus, make sure that you are able to knot the shoelaces properly, in

order to avoid accidents.

6. Set realistic goals.

When you set goals, it is very important that you set realistic ones. This is because,

goals that can be too difficult to achieve, can get you discouraged, especially if you are

not able to attain them. Thus, make sure that the goals you set can be attained by you,

since that can also build your motivation in achieving the more challenging one.

7. Keep a training journal.

Just before starting your training program for running, make sure to have training journal

on your side for it. The journal can help you in monitoring your progress as the days and

weeks pass by. Aside from that, it can also remind you on certain things that you need

to do or achieve during the whole duration of the training.

8. Breathing too hard.

Once you are already breathing too hard while you are running, it is a sign that you

should slow down. You can even just walk once you are having a hard time breathing,

until you feel comfortable again. You need to do this, so that you won’t be putting too

much pressure on your body in running.

9. Finding a beginner training program.

If you have just signed up for your first race, it is important to find a beginner training

program for it. The program should provide you with the necessary information that you

can follow, so that you can properly prepare yourself for the race. Aside from that, it can

also offer lots of tips on how to prevent injuries while you are training.

10. Visit a running store for your running shoes.

A running store is described or named as such, due to the fact that they specialized in

shoes and other things that pertain to running. Thus, it is best that you acquire your first

pair of running shoes from them. Aside from that, in most cases, they have assistants

that can provide you better assessment when it comes to choosing the kind of shoes

that would suit you best. We recommend Up and Running in East Sheen if you are local to us.

We will back again next week with ten more running tips, until then follow us on social media

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