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100 Running Tips Part 8

Here is part 8 of 100 tips for runners. We hope you are enjoying this series! We have some great tips again for your this week.

1.What to do with your hands while running.

Clenching your fist as if you were going to break an egg while you are running, is

actually not a good idea, since it means that you are too tight. Instead of doing that, you

should cup your hands while running, as if you are trying to hold an egg and preventing

it from breaking. This way, you would be more relaxed in running, which can pave the

way of deriving more benefits from it.

2. Running at midday

Running just before eating lunch actually offers lots of benefits. First of all, it can offer

you midday sunlight. Aside from that, it can break your boredom from work. More

importantly, it can also help in controlling your appetite during lunch time, which is good,

especially if you are trying to lose weight.

3. Always hydrate yourself.

Whether it is hot or cold outside, you should continue to drink more water, especially

when you are running. This is because, whenever you sweat, you are decreasing water

content in your body. Aside from that, water can also help you in lubricating your joints,

carrying blood to different parts of your body, and many more.

4. Make running more fun.

One of the many end products of running is fitness. However, you should make it a fun

activity. Running is actually the process that can help you produce the product, which is

fitness. Thus, you should see running as an activity that you love to do, otherwise,

attaining fitness from it can become quite difficult.

5. Don’t be afraid to try out new approaches in training.

If you are in constant search for updated information about running, then you may come

across new approaches about it. If a new method does not go by the book, you should

not hesitate trying it out, especially if you feel that it can really help you. However, you

should also be able to see if it becomes counterproductive.

6. Know how to motivate yourself.

There may be times when you feel tired about working out, and you don’t feel like

getting out of bed to run. This is true, especially when you begin to think that training is

becoming more of a chore, instead of something that provides you with pleasure in

doing. When this happens, you should know how to motivate yourself, so that you would

stay on track. One way of doing it is to remind yourself of your goals in running, so that

you can bring back your drive for it.

7.Eating eggs.

In training, you should include eggs on your diet. Eating an egg or two for breakfast

would provide your body with its needed protein, in order to repair the worn out tissues

due to running. Aside from that, it is also filled with omega 3 fatty acids, which can do

wonders for your body. In a nutshell, eggs will not just help in cutting recovery time

short, but it can also boost your energy levels.

8. Always think positive.

If you are at the point of your running career where you are going through a tough time

in hitting your goals, then you should convince yourself that you can do it through

positive thinking. Positive thinking can actually provide you with the right mindset that

can help you attain your goals. Aside from that, it can also boost your confidence, which

can improve your chances of achieving your dreams.

9. Avoiding injuries.

At the first sign of injury, you should immediately back off. In other words, if you feel that

there is something wrong with your ankle or legs, then you should take a few days off

from running. Not running for 5 or 7 days is actually a lot better, than having to miss

weeks or months of it, due to getting the injury worse by not recognizing its signs.

10. Divide your goals and hit them one at a time.

In running, you may have other goals aside from improving your performance in it.

Examples would include improving your overall physical condition, getting better

endurance, losing weight, and such. It is also possible that you want to increase your

mileage on it. Whatever your goals are, divide them, and hit them one at a time to make

it simpler.

We will back again next week with ten more running tips, until then follow us on social media

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