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Grab a class pack

1 class a week

12 week full programme - as a set location

There are 1 class a week 12 weeks plans available for

Group PT 12 weeks

Group PT 10 weeks (Hanwell Tuesday 9.30)

Fat Burn 12 weeks

Boxing fitness 12 weeks

2 classes a week

2 class programme at 2 set locations

Here are the Packs are for 2 classes a week for 12 weeks

Grpup PT X 2

2 group PTs a week, choose from Tuesday 9.30 * Monday 8pm or Thursday 9.30am sessions

Groups PT 1 + 1

I group PT at a fixed day and 1 fat burn or boxing fixed day at set locations

Flexi 2

Come to any 2 classesnon the timetable with the flexible class pass for 12 weeks

Flexi 4

Come to any 5 classes on the time table for 12 weeks

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