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10 Tips to loose 10lbs - Part 3

Monday , Monday ! Hello! It’s March which means it’s the start of National Nutrition Month.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week! Here is Part 3 of our 10 Tips to loose 10lbs Series!

Tip 1 - Use a non stick frying pan

The aim is to avoid using oil so use non stick if you can.

Tip 2 - Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them, or even better, eat them raw.

However, if you do not like eating your vegetables as it is, try steaming them without adding anything at all. This is probably the healthiest way to eat cabbages, cauliflowers and a host of other vegetables.

Tip 3 - Carry parsley with you.

Parsley is an excellent thing to munch on in between meals. Not just is it good for you in terms of vitamins, but it is also a perfect way of making your breath fresher.

Tip 4 - Avoid crash diets.

They are bad for health and you will gain what you have lost once you take a break. Crash diets are not a solution to weight loss. It might seem as if you have lost few pounds but the moment you give up on the crash diet every thing will bounce back with a vengeance.

Take a look at it in this way. Do you think that it is possible for a person to survive on a crash diet for the rest of his or her life? Certainly not! So at some time or the other, you will have to give up the crash diet and then you will see for yourself that a crash diet does more harm than good on the long run.

Crash diets may have a lot to promise, but very rarely do these promises ring true.

Crash diets are things people go on in order to wear an old dress or suit for a particular occasion. That’s the only purpose that they serve as far as I can see.

Tip 5 - Chew

We should develop a habit of chewing all food at least 8 to 12 times. This is essential to add saliva to the food, as it is only in the saliva that sugar is digested.

Often we find that whatever goes into our mouth goes down like lightning. We hardly give the saliva any time to act on the food.

Tip 6 - low sugar wine

Dry wine is better than sweet wine. Sweet wines naturally contain a lot of sugar. But on the other hand, in dry wines most of this sugar has been fermented away so from the weight point of view dry wines are better than sweet wines.

Tip 7 - Exercise

When you decide it’s time to start working out, start slowly and don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve your fitness goals after the first week. Many people make this mistake. They feel that if they really push their bodies they can lose more weight in a couple of work outs. This is a very serious thing in fact.

If you try to push your body too much in the first few goes, you are likely to end up with sprained joints, a sore back and even torn ligaments. The rule to be followed here is slow and steady wins the race.

Our Group Personal class, Bandz and Resistance Fat Burn classes are great for beginners.

Visit for more info!

Tip 8 - Weigh in

Check your weight before you start the routine and keep checking for changes but do not expect a radical change immediately, it might be one or two weeks before you notice some change. However it is crucial that you continue to monitor your weight. You may bear in mind the fact that even a few pounds loss is a big achievement.

Tip 8 - Rewards

When you do notice a change, reward yourself. When I say reward I do not mean go for some goodies like chocolates or sweets. Maybe you could go for a movie or buy yourself something like a new dress or a trinket.

This is something that can keep you going. It is a good idea to save on the money that you wanted to spend on ice creams and chocolates and then treat your self to something more substantial.

Tip 9 - Rest

You can take a day off from exercise every week. This is not just a very good idea but it is part of the exercise routine. Your body needs a day off from an exercise routine so do not hesitate to take a day off from what ever you have been doing.

On Sunday , I did a 2 hour zoom workshop with Venus Yoga. Yoga for anxiety was absolutely superb and I was very rested afterwards, for more details on Venus Yoga contact Virginia Lee .

Tip 10 - Try interval training.

Incorporate short intervals of higher-intensity training into your cardio workouts. Interval training will help you to burn more calories in the same amount of time. We have have lots of interval training classes each week at Ealing Fit! We feel it’s the best way to give you the results you want.

We at Ealing Fit Club hope you enjoyed these tips . Taking on board just a few of these will help your journey! Just pick ten that appeal to you the most from our series.

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