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Controlling your controllables!

Calling all women who want to either work on improving their pelvic floor and core strength or who want to improve this and learn how to navigate through #perimenopause and #menopause

Starting at the end of the month I have two pelvic health programmes commencing. Live taught in zoom you can join from anywhere in the #unitedkingdom

We have Everywoman, a programme for any woman of any age who wants to work on their pelvic health , improve their core and diastasis.

You could be a new mum or a mature women who want to learn control her controllables ..


We also have MenoWoman which combines the powerful pelvic floor work from Everywoman with the latest Menopause content that will help every woman who is either peri menopausal or in menopause.

If you are interested we are currently screening new clients for these 6 and 7 weeks programmes and booking them in for quick chats . If you are interested in either of these programmes complete our pre screen !

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